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Orders to the European Union

As of the 01 July 2021 the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU. This means that orders shipped from the UK to the EU will now be treated on arrival in the same way as parcels coming from any other non EU countries such as the USA, Australia etc

For most European customers, the main impact of this is that VAT must now be added. The UK does not charge VAT on children's clothing, whereas all countries in the EU (except Ireland) do charge VAT at the usual rate.  

Please be reassured that all Euro prices on this website are also inclusive of VAT & duties and we will ship orders to you with these taxes fully pre-paid (avoiding high extra fees on arrival). 

We use DHL connect to ship throughout Europe and find it to be a reliable, time efficient way to get Superlove Merino to wherever you are, almost as though Brexit never happened! Find out more about shipping to Europe here

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