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reMerino™ Preloved


    Since we went Zero Waste in 2020, we've been on a mission to increase the lifespan of every garment, be it clever design, supreme quality or the super stretchy construction of our unique Merino, your Merino is designed to be loved and worn day and night for many extra months (& years).

    Our circular Preloved initiative expands further on this ethos. Trade-in your outgrown Superlove Merino an receive generous vouchers to spend on the next size for your little one. 

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    Outgrown but never thrown

    Trade In your Superlove

    Trade in outgrown Superlove Merino (in any condition) in exchange for lovely store credits to spend on the next size up

    We'll then refresh, relist and repair (if need be) your preloved item and find it a new home. It's super easy to do, here's how:

    1. Ensure your item(s) are washed and clean
    2. Package and send to:

      Superlove Preloved
      Unit 3H Kentmere Mills
      United Kingdom

    3. Ensure you put a note in with your email address and name (so we can send you your voucher).
    4. Once the item arrives, our team will check and grade the item and assign you a store credit voucher within a week.

    Condition Grades

    • A = Nearly New

    • B = Gently Loved

    • C = Well Loved / Playwear / may have visible repairs

    • D = Beyond useful life (but send it in & we'll recycle it)

    Preloved Buy-Back Pricelist

    Preloved credits are based on the condition of your Merino when you trade it in. Even if you think your item is beyond repair (D grade), we'll still accept it and offer credits so we can recycle the fibre and parts! Our aim is not only to find new homes for premium Merino goodies at bargain prices, but also to make sure nothing goes into landfill.,/p> Table Example

    Product Name Grade A Grade B Grade C Grade D
    Headband / Bandana Bib / All Hats / Snood £5 £4 £2 £1
    Sleeveless supervests (with + without snaps) £6 £5 £4 £2
    Baby Leggings / Bodysuits / Sleep Bag Arm Warmers £8 £6 £4 £3
    Kids Base Layer Top / Kids Super Legging / Womens Tank £9 £7 £5 £4
    Baby Sleepsuit / Sleep Gown / Superswaddle / Swaddle Blanket / Merino Hoody £11 £9 £6 £4
    Baby Blanket / Reversible Hoody £15 £12 £9 £5
    Womens Base Layer Top / Womens Base Layer Legging £17 £14 £10 £7
    Baby Sleeping Bag - All Season £20 £17 £13 £8
    Toddler Sleeping Bag - All Season / Superblanket £25 £18 £14 £9
    Baby & Toddler Sleeping Bags - Superwarm £28 £22 £16 £11

    Preloved FAQs

    We will accept preloved Superlove in any condition. On arrival our team will inspect and grade your preloved as follows:

    A = As new or very gently worn and in excellent condition.

    B = Gently worn and in very good condition.

    C = Well worn and loved with signs of wash and wear. Good used condition (sometimes called 'playwear')

    D = Beyond wear. Items might have major marks or stains or damage in need of repair. (Items returned unwashed will also be graded this way irrespective of condition)

    Yes please. Items returned that need laundering before re-sale will automatically be graded a D

    Our talented and creative team will very often be able to repair items that have stains, holes, ladders or other issues. So a garment that has served you well, may get a second life and live on to find a new home after all. We do our best to save all we can.

    If we cannot save the item entirely , we will recycle 100% of the materials.

    Unfortunately not. We've chosen to focus on ensuring we can offer good credit values instead of covering return costs. We recommend batching several items together if you can.

    Sure. If you email us a clear picture of your items (including closeups of any wear or damage) and we'll let you know what grade you can expect.

    Unfortunately preloved items are not subject to our normal returns policies. However all statutory rights remain unaffected of course.

    You can also use the preloved process again if you wish and exchange the item for credits instead

    By not just giving a set price and instead inspecting each item and grading it, we are able to give more for higher quality well cared for items. It also helps guide pricing and information for the future buyer so the condition is very clearly advertised on resale