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SuperSwaddle - Pure Merino Newborn Zip Swaddle

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  • Help your newborn baby sleep in warmth and safety with the Superlove Merino Superswaddle™. Made from 100% pure superfine merino wool and scientifically proven to help newborn babies settle more quickly, sleep more deeply and for longer periods. Designed for the newborn-3+ month age group and featuring the natural thermo-regulating qualities of pure merino wool, the Superswaddle will keep baby lovely and cosy, whilst safe from risk of overheating. The soft zip-up design is hip-healthy and takes all the guesswork out getting the swaddle technique correct. The Superswaddle creates a cosy cocoon around your baby, providing soft, naturally elastic support to prevent startle reflex from waking baby, whilst still allowing the natural arm and leg movements to occur. 

    The Superswaddle™ is made from our signature Superwool® - 100% pure superfine NZ merino wool that is warm, breathable, luxuriously soft and silky smooth against baby's skin. Superlove merino is totally itch-free so is suitable for even the most sensitive newborn skin or eczema. The extra generous 240gsm double-knit ensures baby will always be cosy and comfortable all year round. 
    • Naturally, insulates and regulates body temperature
    • Prevents overheating
    • Breathable and draws any moisture away from skin for comfortable dry feel
    • Two-way zip for easy nappy change ensuring your baby stays swaddled
    • Baby has freedom to move naturally
    • Hip healthy design approved by paediatricians
    • Naturally fire-resistant
    • Newborn size 0-3+ months (2.5 - 7 kg) NB: Discontinue use when baby starts rolling
    • Made in Great Britain to the strictest quality standards 
    • ZQ and Bluesign certified - Your guarantee that Superlove merino wool is the best quality and produced ethically, with the highest animal welfare standards and that our products are free of chemical nasties and made in eco-responsible manufacturing environments.
  • As with all layering guides, use the below as a starting point - and be sure to check your little one often (feel behind the neck or on the chest - a lukewarm feel is what you are looking for). With newborns, they take time to develop their circulatory systems, so can vary quite a bit in terms of their senstivity to temperture at first - and Merino will really help with that - even so, if you feel your little one needs more or less layering than this guide suggests - stick with natural breathable fibres and follow your intuition on that

    The below are recommended as to be worn/used in addition to the superswaddle

    Layering Guide

    Temperture (°C) Suggested Layers
    27 - 30 Just a nappy
    24 - 26 Bodysuit/vest/sleepsuit - Short sleeve or sleeveless
    21 - 23 Bodysuit/vest/sleepsuit/PJs - Long sleeve & lower half covered
    18 - 20 Bodysuit/vest/sleepsuit/PJs - Long sleeve top & lower half covered + a baby blanket layered on top
    16 - 18 As for 18 - 20°C but add an extra vest or top underneath the PJs