VAT on Superlove Merino Orders for European Customers

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU. This means that orders shipped from the UK, to the EU will now be treated on arrival in the same way as shipments coming from other non EU countries such as the USA, Australia etc

For most European customers, the main impact of this is VAT. The UK does not charge VAT on children's clothing, so the prices that appear in GBP on this website are displayed VAT free.

However, most European countries DO charge VAT on children's clothing (the exception to that is Ireland). 

From 01 July 2021 the EU has introduced a system whereby online stores can now collect any VAT on your behalf on purchases below 150 Euro (about £128). This has a huge advantage in that it means that whilst you will still have to pay the VAT as usual - your local delivery service will no longer invoice you when the parcel arrives in your country - and in doing so, add their own charges on top of the VAT (charges that were often very high). 

Please note, we can only collect VAT on orders valued less than £128 GBP so we strongly recommend that if you wish to order over that level, that you create 2 seperate orders. 

For orders received over 150 Euro, we are unable to collect the VAT at the point of sale and instead you will be charged the ex VAT price - however when the parcel arrives, your local delivery service will  invoice you for the VAT (and any duties) at that point . The problem with this is that your local carrier will also add on their own processing charges (we have seen some countries chargeing 20 Euros just for VAT processing fees). So that is why we recommend splitting your order. We have kept our free shipping thresholds as low as possible to facilitate this.