VAT on Superlove Merino Orders - After Brexit

Following Brexit, the United Kingdom is no longer a member of the EU. This means that orders shipped from the UK, to the EU will now be treated on arrival in the same way as shipments coming from other non EU countries such as the USA, Australia etc

For most European customers, the main impact of this is VAT. The UK does not charge VAT on children's clothing, so the price you pay on our website includes 0% VAT.

However, most European countries DO charge VAT on children's clothing (the exception to that is Ireland). This means that your own customs authority will add that tax when it comes into your country. The local postal provider or courier will then usually send you a notice stating what you will need to pay before your parcel can be delivered. At the moment, VAT is likely to be added to any parcel worth more than €22 - limits for GIFTS are usually higher than this so if your parcel is a gift, it is best to ensure that is indicated (all parcels with gift wrapping will automatically be marked as gifts). 

We do our best to ensure charges are minimised and paperwork is completed correctly to ensure the smoothest possible process. If you have any questions or would like help with this, please contact us at

See here for a list of VAT rates by country. 

Superlove is made in the UK, so no European duties or other taxes will apply to orders from us. 

Please note customs and import regulations vary widely from country to country, we will do our very best to minimise these for our customers, but regret that we cannot take any responsibility for these as they are totally outside of our control. If in doubt, we recommend double-checking with your local authorities for the most up to date information on any customs charges before ordering. 

We are doing our best to investigate ways to smooth this out for our customers if we possibly can. In the meantime. We can recommend 2 excellent retailers that stock Superlove Merino from within the EU. These are: