Our Ethics

Superlove the company was first inspired in 2012 by our two tiny baby girls - beyond creating the very best Merino to keep them cosy in the UK winters (which goes without saying), when we started Superlove, we also decided that we would never do anything in business, that we couldn't tell the unvarnished truth about, to those little girls in a bedtime story. 

our wish for them is a future where more companies have more integrity - Not just for ads and marketing campaigns (fake eco greenwashing is everywhere and we think it really sucks) but purely because it is the right thing - socially, environmentally and ethically. 

As the years go by we continue to run Superlove according to the philosophy of the Children's Fire - A wisdom that transcends time and place

Here are some of the things we are doing...

Animal Welfare

The ZQ™ accreditation programme guarantees animal welfare and traceability. So you can rest assured that every Superlove sheep (and sheepdog), is Superloved indeed.  ZQ accreditation ensures the highest standards of healthcare on farm. Happy ZQ sheep enjoy free range conditions year round and are never mulesed or live exported, ever! To find out more about the ZQ™ guarantee visit: Discover ZQ

Environmental Impact

Superlove Merino is nature’s superfibre.  All our garments are 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable; they are produced in a way that is respectful to our environment, as well as the humans and animals involved in every step of the process. 

Zero Waste

In 2019 Superlove began a journey to become a Zero Waste brand by beginning to design garments that re-use cutting room scrap - a major source of pollution from the clothing industry with most cutting room waste going into landfill - from early 2021 our production studios became fully Zero Waste via our partnership with the Kendal Scrapstore who re-cycle everything from cotton, to tiny fabric scrap too small for us to use, to the inners of our fabric rolls.

Sustainable & Traceable Wool

Every spring the Merino sheep come down from the highlands to be shorn of their winter fleece - which is then naturally replaced as the sheep grows its winter coat again. This precious fleece produces a fabric that is 100% natural, annually renewable and completely sustainable.

ZQ™ accredited Wool growers have developed sustainable farming systems that are in harmony with the environment. 

Every Superlove garment can be traced all the way back to the farm.


When a Superlove garment comes to the end of its long and happy life, it is completely biodegradable, you can put it in the compost or even plant it in the ground where it'll break down naturally into the soil. 


All our packaging and stationary is recycled and/or produced from sustainable forests. We reuse and recycle religiously and consume consciously in everything we do.

Manufacturing - Ethical, Fair & Clean

You won't hear any awful stories about the factories that make Superlove merino. Most of our garments are made at our own manufacturing studio in the English Lake District and from 2021 onwards, some styles are made by our manufacturing partners in Vietnam. Our team of super seamsters are awesome and we treat them as such. Our fabrics are spun, knitted and dyed, then made into garments by specialist manufacturers who hold GOTSand Bluesign accreditations

The bluesign® system guarantees the use of sustainable and safe ingredients in a clean process resulting in an equally safe and clean end product. Bluesign criteria also requires that natural resources are used soundly and responsibly, reduces water and air emissions, improves its waste water treatment and generally reduces its ecological footprint.

We use only nickel free domes and YKK zips in our products.

Our products and everything in them (fabrics, dyes and trimmings) conform to the following British Standards:

  • BS-EN-713 which is the standard designed for toy safety. The same standard is used in the assessment of the safety of materials and parts included in children’s garments.
  • British & European Safety Standard (BS EN 16781:2018) The safety standard for infant sleep bags. 


Superlove garments are designed and made in the United Kingdom. Sometimes we get asked why we don't also grow Merino wool here. 

The truth is, the UK climate is generally too wet for the successful farming of high quality Merino wool - and due to the sheer size of the fleeces they grow this, would be a potential welfare issue in itself (imaging wearing a huge fleece outside in the rain all day). So our merino wool is grown primarily in New Zealand where cold, high, dry Alpine conditions produce the best quality Superfine merino in the world. 

All farms that supply Superlove merino wool are ZQ accredited to ensure the highest animal welfare standards. All farms are strictly non-mulesing and do not engage in other activities such as live exporting of sheep - which we consider entirely unkind from an animal welfare perspective. The majority of our wool comes from New Zealand with small amounts sourced from select Australian farms in the event that demand for New Zealand wool exceeds the supply. 

Giving Back

Since 2015 we've given 2% of our profits each year to charities and causes that we research carefully and feel are honest and authentic. Usually we feel drawn to supporting causes relating to children, families and nature. We've supported Refuge UK, Share Tanzania and Hand to Hand for Syria in the past. We'd love to hear from you if you have causes you would like us to support in the future.

On 'Black Friday' in 2021 we launched our Forest Friday inititative whereby Superlove will plant 3 trees for every product we sell via our partnership with the Eden Reforestation project. This is ongoing - not just for Black Friday, we just timed it that way as we feel like the energy of Black Friday is a bit yucky and we wanted to swim in the other direction.  Check our growing forest out here

 If you would like to know more drop us a line at care@superlovemerino.com 

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