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Gorgeous Giving

Merino wool makes the best gift for a little one, whether newborn or not so new. Merino is a luxury fibre, rare and precious and because it has so many natural benefits it is the perfect way to spoil someone you Superlove. Our range includes gifts for baby girls, gifts for baby boys and unisex newborn gifts for little baby surprises, through to gifts for toddlers and children up to age 12. A gift of Merino is much more than the item itself, really it is the gift of better, deeper and safer sleep and night and the freedom to play in cosy comfort throughout the day in nature's very best performance superfibre.

Choose the gift wrap option when you shop and we will hand wrap your gift for you to pinterest worthy standard in our range of luxurious matte finish printed 120gsm gift wrap, and include a card with your personal message. 

We also offer gift cards in a range of values that are delivered instantly via email and can be printed

Give the gift of better sleep

(But let them choose the colours)

Gift Wrap

Choose from 5 bespoke prints inspired by nature and the elements

Silver Linings

a Superlove classic print and one for the pluvophiles amongst us. Little silvery droplets remind us that all weather is beautiful and has it's magic (especially if you have the right gear). This is a 2-sided design with matte silver eco inks 

Secret Garden

Many of our prints are inspired by seeing the natural world though the very purest eyes - those of children. Secret Garden evokes a summer afternoon, spent barefooted in an English garden, replete with happy daisies,  rambling wild strawberries, blossoms and the bursting greens of nature in full flux

Drifting Off

Our love for bodies of water, especially the mystery and wonder of the deep blue sea. Waves rolling and undulating to carry little ones off to a sleep full of adventurous dreams 

Up & Away

Our collboration with the wonderful illustrator and creative mind Alexia Tucker. We asked Lex to dream up a fantastical skyscape full of whimsical dreamy characters, worthy of afternoon upon afternoon spent lying on the grass gazing upwards...


For the love of bees, Alexia Tuckerbreathes magic once again into a peek at nature, the mighty and noble bumble bee. This beautiful uplifting print celebrates the connection between humans and the tiniest of creatures, on whom we so depend.

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