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Merino - The Super Wool

Superfine Merino is an extremely fine and silky soft type of 'superwool' that comes from the Merino Sheep - an ancient breed that has evolved over thousands of years to inhabit some of the most extreme enviroments on earth. Superlove sheep free-range high in the Southern Alps of New Zealand, where temperatures range from 35°C in summer to -15°C in winter (Brrr!). The Merino thrive in these cold, dry conditions and, just as nature intended, grow huge soft fleeces of Superfine wool - the most sought after wool in the world, renowned for its quality, purity and luxe softness.

We source only the absolute best quality ZQ certified wool in the world for our range and our supersoft merino fabric is so plush and substantial, our customers tell us that they can feel the difference as soon as they touch it. Superlove merino is double knitted to build extra loft into the fabric making it super warm whilst retaining all the natural breathability and temperature regulation to ensure your little one is always comfortable.  Whatever the weather.

Superlove Merino is Super in both name and in nature, and makes the perfect natural fiber to wrap your little one in year round. Here's why...


Superwarm in Merino

Merino wool fibres trap air bubbles - creating a cosy micro-climate of warm air next to the skin. Yet because merino is also highly breathable, excess heat is released as needed to avoid overheating. Perfect temperature regulation and comfort whatever the weather!

Merino actually creates a small amount of heat in very cold conditions. When moisture from the skin or the air is introduced to the fabric, a natural chemical reaction occurs which generates heat. Clever!

Why is this so important?

Babies & toddlers cannot adapt to temperature changes as well as adults can and heat is lost from those little bods up to 4 times faster. Little babies under 12 months have particular difficulty regulating their own temperature; this is true even in relatively warm environments, let alone the British winter.

Superlove merino is 240 gsm (grams per square metre), substantially more than other merino fabrics on the market for babies and toddlers. It is especially designed to suit our cold climate and the needs of Superloved little ones.

It has been scientifically proven that infants wearing and/or sleeping in merino had notably improved sleep patterns; owing to superior temperature regulation, infants were more relaxed and slept for longer.

Superlove = Supersoft

Superlove Merino is so superfine, it is about 1/10th the width of a human hair and unlike traditional wool, each merino fibre has a silky outer layer, creating an extremely soft, fine texture. Superfine merino fabric is comfortable to wear against even the most sensitive skin without itch, and especially good for babies who suffer from eczema or allergies.

Superlove Merino Lets Them Stretch, Move & Grow!

Merino wool has a natural elasticity that means it will keep its shape and feel no matter how many times it’s stretched or washed, so there is no chance of garments sagging or losing form over time. This makes it incredibly comfortable to wear and allows for growth and movement. We've constructed our fabrics to take full advantage of this natural stretch and we keep hearing stories of Superlove Merino still beingworn months after the age range on the label has passed - making these items true value for money.

Most importantly, Superlove merino has such a high warmth-to-weight ratio that your little one gets all the warmth they need and none of the bulk - just the ticket for little babies finding their toes for the very first time, through to kids who spend all day every day running, jumping and climbing.

Superlove Keeps Little Ones Dry

Merino wool is highly breathable and dries super-fast - that's great news for busy parents dealing with the laundry pile and a real bonus for the little person whose day may bring spills, dribble, unexpected nappy leaks or puddles to splash in.

Each fibre of merino wool has a protective layer that naturally repels water to help keep your little one dry. Water that does get in is drawn into the core of the fibre and away from the skin - in fact merino fabric won’t start feeling wet to touch until it’s 60% saturated (that’s a lot). Moisture then evaporates outward into the air to keep the wearer feeling warm and dry all day.

Finally, if (despite it all) merino does end up wet, your child will stay warm thanks to its superior insulating powers, unlike cotton and synthetics.

So go play outside!

Superlove Merino is Machine Washable (you can even tumble dry it)

The natural protective layer also helps stop stains being absorbed, so treated promptly you can avoid them settling into the fabric. Being breathable means airing a merino garment for a few hours is usually enough to refresh and renew. When it does need to be cleaned, it is completely machine washable & being incredibly durable it will keep its colour and shape for years. Merino wool dries super-fast, making it perfect for busy families and can even be tumble dried on low (if you must).

Merino is also static resistant so it picks up less dust, making it an excellent option for little ones with asthma or allergies.

Superlove Merino is Antibacterial and Anti-Odour

They may be cute, but babies and toddlers can also be right little germ magnets, so it's good to know that their clothing is working hard to keep them safe. Merino wool is naturally antibacterial thanks to the moisture absorbing core and moisture repelling exterior - so there is nowhere for those moisture loving microbes to grow. Merino also contains natural lanolin and keratin (a substance naturally found in our skin, hair and nails) both of which have powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Superlove Merino is Natural, Pure & Hypoallergenic

Superlove merino is completely free of harsh chemicals normally found in wool growing that can contribute to wool sensitivity or wool allergy in some people. Antistatic merino naturally repels dust too - good news since dust mites is the major cause of allergy and asthma suffering.

Superlove Merino is Durable & Long Lasting

Merino wool fibres can be bent 20,000 times before breaking. By comparison, a cotton fibre will break after 3,000 times and silk after just 2,000. Wool also holds dyes better than other fabrics, so not only will your Superlove merino garments last for ages, they'll keep their beautiful boxfresh appearance too!

Superlove Merino has Fire and UV Super Powers (seriously!)

Rest assured, the unique fire and UV resistant properties of merino wool make it a truly super safe
option for little ones. Merino is naturally flame resistant and self-extinguishing, in fact merino base layers are preferred choice of fire fighters and military personnel for this very reason. When exposed to a naked flame merino will slightly char, and then just go out.... Unlike synthetic materials which will melt and stick to skin(!) and natural fibres such as cotton, linen and silk which are cellulose based like paper and have much higher burn rates. Thank goodness for merino!
Merino fabrics have a UVP factor of between 30 and 50 UPF (depending on the thickness) - much higher than any other fabric. Perfect defence against harsh sunlight and especially handy if you will be spending time in snow or at ski resorts.

Superlove = Planet Friendly

Merino wool is a natural resource which is biodegradable, sustainable and a renewable resource, growing back year after year. It is by far the better choice for your child and the environment they will grow up in. Superlove merino garments are produced in a way that is respectful to our environment, as well as the humans and animals involved in every step of the process

Merino vs Traditional Wool

Merino vs Synthetics

When we say 'traditional wool', we mean that thick coarse itchy stuff from days gone by. That is not Superlove merino which is the smoothest and finest wool you can imagine. It has a silk-like feel against skin that is 'itch-free', even on the most sensitive skin.

Synthetic fibres such as polarfleece, polypropylene & polyester are basically just plastic. Made from petroleum, they cannot breathe and quickly feel icky and clammy and build up a definite stink in no time. Unless treated with a chemical fire retardant synthetics are highly flammable so best avoided for children. No comparison

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