Does Merino Really Improve Sleep?

Merino wool improves sleep for babies

For eons, parents have been wrapping their babies in the natural fibres of Merino wool to keep them warm and comfortable, and there is now a large body of scientific evidence to show why. Harvard Medical school studies show that sleeping in Merino wool significantly improves the quality, length and, most importantly, the depth and quality of sleep in infants. Babies were found to settle more quickly, sleep for longer and to spend much longer periods of time in the deep non REM phase of sleep where brain development occurs.

Research shows that the rate of weight gain in underweight newborns was 61% higher when sleeping on wool compared to cotton. Interestingly, around 30% of babies sleeping in wool cried compared to 67% with cotton.

Researcher Dr Paul Swan, from the University of Sydney, said: "Not so long ago sleeping under wool bedding was the norm, and science is now rediscovering the benefits of sleeping in wool. Maybe it is not a coincidence because wool regulates your body temperature far better, keeping you in what is known as 'the thermal comfort zone'. You therefore not only fall asleep quicker, sleep longer, but also have deeper, better quality sleep."

If your baby is unsettled or waking more frequently for unexplained reasons, one cause of their unrest could be down to the environment they’re sleeping in and the type of bedding.

Wrapping your baby in the natural properties that merino wool provides could make all the difference to a good quality sleep and helping your little one to thrive. Ways to access the miraculous sleep improving features of Merino wool include choosing Merino Wool Pyjamas, Swaddling with a Merino swaddle and choosing a high-quality Merino baby sleeping bag.

Merino wool is naturally breathable.

In contrast to cotton and synthetics which respond to temperature fluctuations very poorly, wool is an active fibre that intelligently reacts to changes in the body’s temperature, keeping the wearer comfortable. Excess heat is detected and released as soon as it begins to build up and in the cold the reverse effect applies with Merino insulating more in those conditions.

Merino wool has natural temperature regulating properties.

Babies are not as adaptable as adults to temperature changes. Because infants and children have a higher surface area to mass ratio than adults, they lose heat rapidly, as much as four times more quickly than adults. Accordingly, Merino is considered the most breathable, most temperature-responsive and safest of all the fibre types and is ideal for babies where balancing their body temperature is often a concern.

When babies are cold-stressed, they use energy and oxygen to generate warmth. Studies have found that by sleeping babies in merino wool and thus keeping babies at optimal temperatures, neither too hot or too cold, they can conserve energy and build up reserves. When using merino wool, baby’s temperature is regulated and maintained which allows those optimal deeper levels of sleep to naturally occur.

Merino Wool has natural moisture regulating properties.

Merino is one of Nature’s most amazing fibres. It breathes and controls moisture which means it has the unique ability to maintain an ideal 'bubble or microclimate' between the body and bedding. Unlike any other fabric, Merino has the capacity to remove large amounts (up to 35% of its own weight) of moisture from the skin surface, keeping your baby dry and comfortable all night.

Here at Superlove Merino, we are parents first and foremost and are passionate about the importance of sleep and the powerful qualities and benefits of merino wool in achieving the best for little ones. We have specifically designed our products using only the finest 240gsm Superfine grade merino wool, which we double knit to lock in extra wamrth and insulation to ensure a better night’s sleep for little ones. Because we know when baby sleeps, everyone sleeps. A well-rested baby is a happy baby, which also makes for well-rested and happy parents.