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Imperfect Merino Snood

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Colour: Wild Green
Wild Green
French Navy
Cloud Grey
Pure Ivory
Soft Red
Thunder Grey
Vintage Rose
Size: Small

Factory second or sample grade

Fit Notes: Generally, when the snood is primarily to be worn as a neck tube / scarf children under 14 years will find the small size to be the best fit and most adults will prefer the large. However, If you are intending to use your snood as a face mask or merino face covering, then the small size may work best on some adults too - as it will be more closely fitted. Use the measurements below to check for the best sizing for you. Superlove Merino wool has excellent natural stretch so bear that in mind when measuring for fit.

Imperfectly Perfect...

What does imperfectly perfect mean? All the items in here fall into one of the following classifications


Sometimes, even in the best factories, powered by sunshine, 90's tunes and the best seamsters in the land, things can stillgo wrong. And this is where those things go to find a loving home in spite of their shortcomings.

Our quality standards are notoriously high so it doesn't take much to land you in here. Typically imperfections are very minor.

All items here will still be perfectly wearable, safe and fit for purpose.


Part of the creative purpose. Sample garments sold here might differ sightly from the final versions (but will still be Merino fabulous and very wearable)


All these guys have done wrong is to be in a colourway or design that we've moved on from - or perhaps we've upgraded a style and so need to clear existing stock here. Otherwise they're perfect

Please note:These items are already heavily discounted so not eligible for use with any discount codes

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