Sleeping Bag Layering & Temperature Guide

Several factors determine your child's comfort, such as the number of layers they have on and what they are made from (including the thickness of the fabrics), your child's health and circulation and the ambient temperature of the sleeping space are also relevant factors.

Below is a guide to assist you in selecting the right Superlove Merino sleeping bag and to adjusting the layering of nightwear underneath as the seasons change.

However, as little ones are busy developing their circulatory systems throughout the first few years of life and, like all things this happens at different rates from child to child, we recommend you also regularly check your little one behind the neck or on the stomach to ensure they are not too warm or cold. If you need to adjust your layers up or down to suit your little one, that is fine, so long as breathable, natural fibres are in use. 

Note: Superlove Merino Sleeping Bags give a Tog equivalent range rather than a single value. This is due to the unique temperature-regulating behaviour of merino.

 Superwarm Merino Sleeping Bag Layering Guide

The suggested approach for our Merino Superswaddle Zip Swaddle is to think of it as being akin to 1 layer of clothing rather than as an item of bedding. The below is a guide to help you.

Swaddle Layering Guide