Merino baby sleeping bag arms white  #colour_pure-ivory
merino baby sleeping bag arms ivory front  #colour_pure-ivory
Merino baby sleeping bag arms blue #colour_raindrop
merino baby sleeping bag arms blue back #colour_raindrop
merino baby sleeping bag arms blue front #colour_raindrop
merino baby sleeping bag arms blue side #colour_raindrop
Merino baby sleeping bag arms grey #colour_cloud-grey
merino baby sleeping bag arms grey detail #colour_cloud-grey
Merino baby sleeping bag arms navy #colour_french-navy
merino baby sleeping bag arms navy back #colour_french-navy
merino baby sleeping bag arms navy detail #colour_french-navy
Merino baby sleeping bag arms pink #colour_vintage-rose
merino baby sleeping bag arms pink front #colour_vintage-rose
merino baby sleeping bag arms side  #colour_vintage-rose
Merino baby sleeping bag arms dark grey #colour_thunder-grey
Merino baby sleeping bag arms green #colour_wild-green

Merino Baby Sleeping Bag Arm Warmers

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Pure Ivory
French Navy
Cloud Grey
Thunder Grey
Wild Green
Vintage Rose
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Supersoft and natural 100% Merino baby arm warmers - just perfect for pairing with our Merino sleeping bags when an extra layer of warmth and insulation over the arms is called for.

The thermo-regulating properties of Merino balances your baby's body temperature to keep them extra cosy whilst preventing overheating. The soft and stretchy design means these are easy to add or remove without disturbance.

These Merino Baby Arm Warmers are also perfect for babywearing, keeping exposed arms super snug, without adding bulk to the areas that are within the carrier and already cosily next to you.

  • Double layer of 240gsm Superfine Merino Wool
  • Fold over scratch mitt / hand cosy
  • The natural elasticity of merino makes changing and dressing easy and allows the arm warmers to stay in place without the need for snaps, zips or poppers
  • Machine washable at 30°C
  • Reshape whilst damp then hang or lay flat to air dry (or tumble on low setting)
  • Use regular Non-Bio liquids 
  • Do not use fabric softener (clogs the merino fibres)
  • Quick-drying
  • Naturally antimicrobial - Merino does not need washing often unless heavily soiled

For a full care guide and advice on treating stains click here

100% Superfine Merino (240gsm)

All Superlove products use YKK Eco Zips and YKK nickel free poppers

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Our Merino fabrics are spun from hand-selected superfine Merino wool of between 17.6-18.5 microns (one micron = one-thousandth of a millimetre). Fibres so fine, they fall far below the skin's itching threshold of 25 microns. The perfect balance of supreme softness, long life durability and perfect for soothing and healing ezcema.

Zero Itch

Superfine + Skin Loving

Itch free Merino wool for ezcema
Studies show that sleeping in Merino improves the quality and depth of sleep. By creating a perfect thermal and humidty balanced microclimate around the body, significantly more time is spent in the deep phases of sleep (where all the good stuff happens). Infants sleeping in Merino were found to settle quicker. wake less and sleep for longer periods.

Sleep Enhancing

Better & Safer Sleep (for Longer)

merino wool for better baby sleep
The perfect weight, a more generous loft and warmth for the winter than the standard 195gsm Merino most typically found in clothing, yet still lightweight, comfortable and cooling in all but the hottest of summer conditons. 240gsm is the 'sweet spot' for the British and Northern European climate year round.

Mid Weight

Luxe Double Knit

midweight merino for winter
Our factory in the Lake District is 100% Solar powered. Sewing machines buzz happily alongside the bees in the meadow outside our window. This is low impact manufacturing, as it should be.

Solar Powered


solar powered manufacturing
Merino wool is unlike any other fibre with its ability to intelligently detect heat (or lack of) and adapt to suit body temperature. Merino creates a climate controlled bubble around the body holding in the heat for extra cosiness in cold weather or releasing it to cool the body when needed.


Thermo Regulating

All our Sheep are ZQ or ZQRX certified meaning they enjoy the highest standards of animal welfare anywhere on earth and are never subjected to mulesing. Many of our farms employ regenerative farming practises to improve biodiversity and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

Ethical Wool

Happy Sheep

ethical merino wool
Best Baby Sleeping Bag Platinum Loved by parents award 2023
Best Eco Childrens Clothing Junior Design Award Platinum
Organic Best Baby Sleeping Bag Award 2022
mumsnet best baby sleeping bag
smallish gold award


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Superfine Merino

Superfine Merino is a technical superfibre - packed with unparelled natural attributes.

• Superwarm 240gsm
Double knitted for extra softness, loft and insulation

• Thermoregulating + Insulating in the cold and cooling in the heat

• Cloud soft - Superfine Merino has a fibre diameter of 17.6-18.5 microns making
it perfect for baby skin + soothing on eczema

• Moisture wicking and warm when wet – Merino can absorb 60% of it’s own weight in water without feeling damp