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We take nature's 'Super Fibre' - Pure Superfine Merino Wool and create clothing and sleep bags for babies, toddlers and children aged 0 - 10 years, that are as high performing as they are supersoft and luxurious. Our Merino is special and you'll feel the difference at first touch. In Superlove Merino little ones will stay snug, dry and comfortable, all day long and all year round.

Superlove in both name and in nature, we've made sure that our beautiful multi-award winning products are ethical every step of the way, from the farm to your little one. Superlove means being kind to animals, people and the planet we all share. 

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Superfine Merino naturally regulates body temperature so little ones always feel just right all year round. Merino has the highest warmth to weight ratio of any fibre - so on cold days they'll be super cosy with freedom to move

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Merino for better & safer sleep

Studies show that little ones sleeping in Merino wool settle quicker, sleep for longer and experience a higher level of sleep quality - spending more time in the deep, restorative phase of sleep, where growth and development occurs. Added to that is the security and safety of knowing your little one is always the right temperature. The safest, best quality sleep for your child is found in nature's Superfibre - Merino Wool.

Multi-Award Winning Merino

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