Sleep All Night 🌞Summer Sleep Secrets

Sleep all night

🌞🌧️ Struggling to get your little ones to sleep well during unpredictable weather and summer nights? Don't let mixed weather disrupt those precious zzzs! Get better sleep with our expert tips and tricks to combat the summer's weather variability and help them (and you) sleep all night

🌙 Cool Comfort Amidst the Heat: As summer blazes on, maintaining a comfortable sleeping environment becomes paramount. Upgrade their bedding by choosing an All Season Merino lined sleeping bag. The Merino lining is powerfully and naturally thermoregulating, so it will actively cool the body down in the heat of the early evening, then switch naturally into insulation mode as the night cools down in the wee hours. The moisture wicking of the wool further amplifies the cooling effect and leaves skin dry and comfy. No more sweaty nights.

Pair their Merino Sleeping Bag with bedding and sheets made from natural fibres such as merino wool, cotton or bamboo for breathable comfort.

✈️Travel Tips. If you are travelling, rest easy knowing they will be 'just-right' thanks to Merino’s natural temperature regulation properties. Little ones stay comfortable in all conditions - from chilly airplane cabins or airconditioning to heated hotel rooms or uninsulated tents that swing between the extremes. One merino sleeping bag does the job of many different TOG standard bags and all Superlove styles are travel-ready, designed with a seat belt slot or contouring that allows for seatbelt harnesses to pass through, so it is easy to move your little one from the car to cot without waking them, so your little one will get the sleep they need, even when away from home.

🛏️ Perfect their Sleep Setting: Create an oasis by ensuring their sleeping space remains a cool sanctuary amidst the changing weather outside. During hot days, draw the curtains to block out the sun's heat and opt for light-colored curtains that reflect sunlight. Towards the evening as the sun lowers in the sky, throw open the windows to let in fresh air and adjust the temperature with a fan or air conditioning for optimal comfort.

🛁 Bathing Cool: Before putting your child down for the night, give them a soothingly cool bath to lower their core body temperature. This helps wash away the day and prepare them for sleep. You might also like to add a few drops of baby safe essential oils all which have both cooling AND relaxing sleep inducing properties our faves are German Chamomile, Lavender and Sweet Orange. 

🌙 Layering Mastery. Just as important as their Sleeping Bag, adjust their sleepwear accordingly too. Enaure under-layers are made from lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics such as Merino, lightweight cotton or bamboo. These breathable fabrics will help keep you cool and dry by wicking away any sweat from your skin. Sleeveless or short sleeves are helpful on warmer nights or on really hot nights of 26-27 degrees celsius or more, opt for just a nappy or underwear beneath their sleeping bag and let the Merino lining do the rest. For detailed guidance on how to layer your All Season Merino Sleeping Bags throughout their huge temperature suitability range, see our layering guide here.

⛺For older children and when camping, our Merino base layers are not just for winter, they also make perfect summer sleepwear to take them dozily and comfortably from warm evenings, through the chilly 3-6am slot, to hot sun beating down on early morning canvas. Our older kids often choose to just sleep in merino wool bases and ditch the sticky synthetic sleeping bags entirely. 

🚰 Stay Hydrated, the Smart Way: Hydration is essential in hot weather for little ones. From potty training age or older, try to boost that intake up early in the day so they are super well hydrated, then scale intake in the hours leading up to bedtime.

😴 Relaxation Rituals: Develop pre-sleep routines to signal little ones that it's time to unwind. Engage in calming activities like reading a book, singing, or massage (again consider the mentioned cooling oils mixed into some aloe vera gel) to ease the mind and body into a peaceful state before slumber.

🌙 White Noise Wonders: The sound of rain or a gentle breeze can be soothing, but unpredictable summer weather sounds like thunderstorms might disrupt sleep. Invest in a white noise machine or use a sleep app with nature sounds to mask external disturbances and promote a serene sleep atmosphere.

🌞🌡️ Super Secrets for SERIOUS Heat. When the mercury tops the charts and it gets just too HOT out there, Merino has a hidden magic not many know about. Specifically, we are talking about WET merino here. When moisture gets into wool fibres, it does two things. Firstly it starts to wick & draw that moisture inwards into the core of the fibre, leaving the skin feeling comfy and dry very quickly AND as it does so, a cooling effect is created. This cooling effect ranges between 1-4 degrees celcius. To access this magic effect, dampen & wring out Merino clothing or sleepwear, then put them on whilst still damp. It sounds like a counterintuitive thing to do, but this is where Merino is different from all the others... it noticeably cools the body down for better comfort and can be a great way to get a hot & bothered little one to feel cool enough to get off to sleep, especially if air con isn’t an option. Amazingly, it really will feel dry on the body in no time. Our family used this trick to great effect whilst wild camping a few weeks back. Faced with a long hot 32 degree uphill walk laden with heavy backpacks (and a small one who always demands to be shouldered at least part of the way). We all jumped in a stream with our Superlove on and strolled off in climate controlled cool comfort! 

Perfect sleep in mixed summer weather doesn't have to be a distant dream. With these valuable tips, you can help them adapt to the ever-changing weather and ready to embrace each summer day with a smile. Sweet dreams little one! 😴🌞🌙