December 05, 2013


Superfine Merino Baby & Kids Clothing & Sleepwear

Superlove is an adventurous brand for adventurous little people. We take nature's 'Super Fibre' - Superfine Merino Wool and create clothing and sleep bags for babies, toddlers and children aged 0 - 6 years, that are as high performing as they are supersoft and cute. Our Merino is special and you'll feel the difference at first touch. We source the best quality merino wool in the world to create a signature fabric that is perfect for the cooler British and European climate - Superfine, Supersoft and Superwarm. In Superlove Merino little ones will stay snug, dry and comfortable, all day long and all year round. Superlove in both name and in nature, we've made sure that our beautiful Merino products are ethical in every way - kind to animals, people and the environment we all share. 

 Let the adventure begin...

ADVENTure Calendar - 5 December

Catch a falling leaf and make a wish...

There are many superstitions about catching a falling leaf. Some people believe it's lucky, others like to make a wish. What would you wish for if you caught one? The Forestry Commission can help you identify which tree your leaf came from.

Today might be your last chance this year as the strong winds strip the trees of their final leaves. If it isn't too windy where you live and you go and play outside make sure you wrap up warm with a windproof layer on. Brrrr.

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