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    Welcome to the latest Zero Waste PRELOVED | SAMPLES | IMPERFECTS Drop

    Items will display below until they sell right out so what you see below is what is left on the rails

    Preloved Condition Grades

    • A = Nearly New

    • B = Gently Loved

    • C = Well Loved / Playwear / may have visible repairs

    Preloved FAQs

    Yes. All garments returned under our preloved trade-in are washed by us using a non-toxic unscented professional textile liquid designed to remove residues and leave garments ready for their new homes

    Yes. If a garment comes back to us looking well loved and we can do a repair on it, we will. Often this will be a visible repair such as a hand darn to mend a ladder or small hole. Any repairs will be mentioned on the listing and pictured.

    Yes usually once repaired a garment will last indefinately. Darning can even make garments stronger in the long run.

    This is just a common term seen on preloved sites meaning that the garment may not look posh or pretty any longer but is still functional and comfy with life left in it so is still really useful for wearing in situations where you might not want new garments worn such as very active or messy play.

    A time tested recipe from the kitchen lab of our wool geek founder Suse. A natural blend of Lanolin waxes, olive oil soap and emulsifying conditioners with a touch of organic Lavender oil. After launderin, this additional reconditioning treatment moisturises fibres and restores the natural oils that give it a boxfresh softness.

    Unfortunately not, preloved garments are sold for a fraction of the RRP and can't sustain additional discounts.

    Yes, however they are not covered by our free returns policy. You can return as usual otherwise

    All the info you need is here

    Imperfect / Factory Seconds FAQs

    Our quality standards are extremely high, so often, what causes an item to be marked a 'second' will be barely noticeable. Typical reasons might include

    • wonky labels
    • misprint or small mark
    • less than perfect finishing or stitching
    • minor fabric fault

    The item will come with a label that clearly explains what the issue is.

    No. All imperfects are excluded from qualifying for any further discount codes as they will already have been discounted to below cost levels

    Yes, however they are not covered by our free returns policy. You can return as usual otherwise

    Absolutely. We never sell anything if it is not as fit for purpose as usual. And where a formal safety standard usually applies (like for baby sleeping bags) we will only sell imperfects if the fault does not impede compliance as usual.

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