Love Friday 2022

The Superlove tradition of LOVE Friday is here, it’s the 6th anniversary since we first decided we would only join in with this thing - if we could flip it into something that felt positive...
So for the next 10 days, all orders will have 20% off AND we'll donate another 20% from profits over this period to the Child Poverty Action Group
We've chosen this charity this for their excellent record of ensuring most donations actually reach the end recipients.
By donating to CPAP we can all send some extra love and support out to those children (and their families) who are having an especially tough time right now.   
The 20% discount will automatically apply to all orders placed between Midday Friday 18th November 2022 and Midnight Monday 28th. At the end of this 10 days period we will add up all the orders placed, calculate the total profit and make a bulk donation to the Charity Child Poverty Action Group
Thank you for all your support this year (and always)