Offers and Discounts

Superlove Merino has that mythical quality, setting it far above the cheaper stuff - and in the wooly world (as with coffee and chocolate) you really do get what you pay for. As a matter of principle, we do not go in for mass discounting, price manipulation or seasonal sales. The truth is, heavy discounting = shortcuts. No exceptions, the cut is there somewhere.

Yet we are living in unique times and making shortcuts - whether on quality, ethics or the environment - just isn't worth it.

We offer the absolute best wool that we know will last, be worn constantly and loved dearly for what Merino of this level can do for your little ones.

That said, we are parents too and we know it adds up, so whilst straight out discounting isn't our thing. Below are some offers to warm up your winter and help you kit out your little one well. 

*please note offers are not combinable, only one offer can be applied per order, in the event that your order qualifies for more than one offer, please choose the one that you prefer.