Merino Wool in Summer

Merino Wool in Summer - Keep your Baby Comfortable All Year Round.

The Merino sheep is an ancient breed. And without a doubt one of the most resilient. 
Superlove Merino spend all year happily and naturally withstanding conditions the rest of us would only call extreme. High up on New Zealand's Southern Alps where temperatures range from 35°C in summer to -15°C in winter. Merino are very different to the sheep you might see grazing the lowland farms, Merino sheep naturally stay warm in the winter whilst also remaining comfortably cool throughout the hot summers. This is thanks to their fine soft fleece of a wool which is nothing short of amazing. 
Merino wool is unlike any other fabric on earth and is highly prized in fashion, baby wear and elite sportswear for very good reason. Exceptionally soft, lightweight and breathable, merino wool is the perfect way to keep baby comfortable in summer, as it regulates body temperature naturally to help little ones strike the balance in changeable weather or on summer evenings when temperatures can fluctuate. 

Merino wool is also easy to wash (machine and tumble dry), quick drying, naturally antibacterial and has a (natural) UPF of 30-50+. All of these unique properties make it is a perfect fabric for little ones (who of course) can’t tell you whether they are too hot or too cold! A Superlove Merino baby gift set or Sleep Bag makes a truly wonderful gift for a newborn baby.

Superlove merino clothing and sleep bags are like no other, perfect for newborns, babies and toddlers and made from 100% ethically farmed merino wool of the highest quality. At 235gsm, Superlove merino is ideally calibrated to keep little ones warm and happy - whatever the weather, indoors and outdoors, daytime and night. 

Superlove merino makes the kind of inspired newborn gift the most discerning of parents will love. 

Superlove in both name and in nature, we've made sure that our beautiful merino products are ethical in every way - kind to animals, people and the environment we all share. 

Let the adventure begin...