Merino toddler sleeping bag with feet navy #colour_french-navy
merino toddler sleeping bag navy #colour_french-navy
merino toddler sleeping bag navy #colour_french-navy
merino toddler sleeping bag navy #colour_french-navy
merino toddler sleeping bag navy #colour_french-navy
merino toddler sleeping bag navy #colour_french-navy
Merino toddler sleeping bag with feet green #colour_wild-green
Merino toddler sleeping bag with feet blue #colour_raindrop
merino toddler sleeping bag blue #colour_raindrop
merino toddler sleeping bag blue #colour_raindrop
merino toddler sleeping bag blue #colour_raindrop
Merino toddler sleeping bag with feet grey #colour_cloud-grey
merino toddler sleeping bag blue #colour_raindrop
Merino toddler sleeping bag feet grey still #colour_cloud-grey
Merino toddler sleeping bag feet grey close #colour_cloud-grey
Merino toddler sleeping bag feet grey front #colour_cloud-grey
Merino toddler sleeping bag feet grey back #colour_cloud-grey
Merino toddler sleeping bag with feet pink #colour_vintage-rose
Merino toddler sleeping bag pink side #colour_vintage-rose
Merino toddler sleeping bag pink front #colour_vintage-rose
Merino toddler sleeping bag pink closeup #colour_vintage-rose
Merino toddler sleeping bag pink full #colour_vintage-rose
Merino toddler sleeping bag pink feet #colour_vintage-rose

100% Merino Toddler Sleeping Bag with Feet

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Size chart

Merino wool has incredible natural stretch, so often will fit beyond the label.
Lengths (including sleeve, torso and leg) are all generous, so referring to our size guide below will help you determine the best fit. 

Womens Size Guide

Size UK Womens Sizing Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
SizeX-Small 6 - 8 72 - 82 56 - 64 84 - 90
Small 8 - 10 82 - 88 62 - 70 90 - 96
Medium 10 - 12 86 - 94 68 - 76 96 - 102
Large 14 - 16 92 - 100 74 - 82 102 - 107
X-Large 16 - 18 98 - 107 80 - 89 107 - 113

Baby and Child Size Guide

Age Height (cm) Weight (kg) Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Inside Leg (cm)
AgeNewborn 54 - 56 Weight (kg)3 - 5 Chest (cm)37 - 42 Waist (cm)38 - 42 Hips (cm)37 - 42 Inside Leg (cm)10 - 17
Age0-3 Months 56 - 64 Weight (kg)4 - 7 Chest (cm)40 - 45 Waist (cm)40 - 44 Hips (cm)40 - 45 Inside Leg (cm)15 - 22
Age3-6 Months 64 - 72 Weight (kg)6 - 8 Chest (cm)43 - 48 Waist (cm)42 - 46 Hips (cm)43 - 48 Inside Leg (cm)20 - 27
Age6-12 Months 72 - 80 Weight (kg)8 - 10 Chest (cm)46 - 51 Waist (cm)44 - 48 Hips (cm)46 - 51 Inside Leg (cm)25 - 32
Age12-18 Months 80 - 86 Weight (kg)9 - 12 Chest (cm)49 - 53 Waist (cm)46 - 50 Hips (cm)49 - 53 Inside Leg (cm)30 - 35
Age18-24 Months 86 - 92 Weight (kg)11 - 14 Chest (cm)51 - 55 Waist (cm)48 - 52 Hips (cm)51 - 55 Inside Leg (cm)34 - 39
1-2 Years 80 - 92 - 49 - 55 46 - 52 49 - 55 30 - 39
2-4 Years 92 - 104 Weight (kg)- Chest (cm)53 - 58 Waist (cm)50 - 55 Hips (cm)53 - 60 37 - 45
4-6 Years 104 - 116 - 56 - 62 53 - 59 59 - 66 44 - 52
6-8 Years 116 - 128 Weight (kg)- 60 - 67 57 - 62 64 - 72 51 - 59
8-10 Years 128 - 140 - 65 - 73 60 - 64 70 - 78 57 - 65
10-12 Years 138 - 152 Weight (kg)- 70 - 78 62 - 70 75 - 82 64 - 73

How to Measure

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The older sibling to our multi award-winning Merino Baby Sleeping Bags, these natural and luxurious Merino Toddler Sleeping Bags with feet are designed to follow the changing needs of your little one as they learn to stand, toddle, walk and run. The evolutive design makes for an ideal transition from a traditional sleeping bag style and features adjustable height settings for the perfect fit as they grow. Foot holes and shaped leg area allow toddlers that balance between cosy bedtime comfort and precious freedom of movement, ensuring they are safe and warm no matter what they are doing. 

Superlove Merino All Season sleeping bags can be worn year-round without the need for different tog value bags or the use of fillers or padding. Ideal for use in nursery temperatures ranging from 16 to 27°C.

  • Pure Merino on both layers
  • Choose from 2 super long-lasting sizes
  • Room for feet to come up inside the bag at night if desired
  • Ultra fast drying
  • Clever size adjustment. 3 point popper setting gives you control over fit and length
  • Foldable extra-long merino ankle cuffs further adjust length & fit

merino toddler sleeping bag features

Merino toddler sleeping bag

  • Machine washable at 30°C 
  • Reshape whilst damp then hang or lay flat to air dry
  • Use regular Non-Bio liquids 
  • Do not use fabric softener (clogs the merino fibres)
  • Quick-drying
  • Naturally antimicrobial - Merino does not need washing often unless heavily soiled

For a full care guide and advice on treating stains click here

Merino is a powerful natural thermo-regulator for the body, warming and insulating when cold, and cooling when warm. Excess heat is intelligently detected and neutralised before it can build up.

When choosing layers for underneath, opt for natural breathable fibres (Merino layers are best as they offer thermoregulation properties)

Choose from two different weights to best fit your environment

  • ALL SEASON (0.7 - 2.4 Tog equivalent). Best for nursery temperatures ranging from 17 to 27°C.
  • SUPERWARM (2.5 - 4.0 Tog equivalent). Extra cosy for colder climates with the highest merino content available. Best for nursery temperatures ranging from 10 to 21°C

Merino Sleeping Bag layering guide Superlove Merino

  • ALL SEASON (2 layers)

Lining: Superfine Merino (240gsm)
Outer: Organic Cotton (240gsm)

  • SUPERWARM (4 layers)

Lining: 2 layers Superfine Merino (440gsm)
Interior: Bamboo + Cotton Wadding
Outer: Organic Cotton (240gsm)

All Superlove products use YKK Eco Zips and YKK nickel free poppers

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Toddler Sleeping Bag FAQs

To cut a long story short, fold-over covers for sleeping bags don't work well and can lead to lack of safety on some flooring surfaces. It might seem like a good idea, but in reality, we found during our extensive testing, that integral covers created issues and could even be potentially unsafe.

The design and structure of these sleeping bags, and the fact that they are designed to fit for several years (unlike a typical sleepsuit with feet covered) and this depends on the feet being either fully through the foot holes, or totally inside the bag. However, fold-over foot covers creates a 'foot half in / half out' scenario which quickly leads to feet slipping out whilst sleeping or walking and results in tangles.

When toddling or walking, it is safer for a child to be either barefoot, or wearing socks that have gripper soles. When sleeping, feet may be drawn inside entirely, or (and this is more often the case once foot freedom has been tasted) or covered with a pair of socks. Socks, given they are not actually attached to the sleeping bag, don't create any of the same issues as an attached foldover cover would. Sometimes the simplest things are still the best and since, no matter how attractive something might appear, if something is a gimmick we know will create issues for people, we never include it in our designs.
In terms of socks, we like the Falke Catspads especially the merino-lined ones, which go perfectly with our sleeping bags.

We find that socks are only needed when the room is 18°C (64°F) or lower. The rest of the time, Merino sleeping bags keep the body core so perfectly cosy that most little ones are very happy with feet bare (and outside of the coldest months it can be a good thing in terms of thermoregulation).

Yes often this is possible. There are a couple of considerations...

For the small size sleeping bag (aimed at height of 76cm or average sized 9 months+). For most little ones, by 6 months they *should* find the neckline fits well and is safe but to be sure, please ensure you carefully try the sleeping bag on before use and check that your baby's head could not pass downward via the neck opening and into the bag.

For both small & large sizes

The second area where the fit may need some extra consideration is that it will
likely be a little too long if your little one hasn't reached the recommended height yet. This is not an issue if it is to be worn
with feet inside / for sleeping. However, could present extra
challenges if a child is keen to try and walk. Ensure you are using
the highest height adjustment setting (popper settings found inside the gusset) and just observe your little one to check that the foot cuffs are fitted enough to keep the bag fabric sufficiently out of the way to avoid tripping.

Some parents find that folding the foot cuffs over a second time is useful to adjust this.

At the early end of
the age range (or below the suggested age range) how well a child will get on walking in this style will be partly down to height and size but ALSO it can be very much influenced by where they are at with their developing mobility and confidence in walking too. We hear of many younger little ones who are confident movers, getting on fine when sizing up early. If you aren't sure, a try on is the best bet (UK returns are free)

By default the zips on these connect at the top and zip downward. This acheives a couple of things

Self undressing: Even though our zips are well hidden below a full length zip cover, some houdini kids are very clever and love to 'entertain' their tired parents by stripping down when they should be sleeping. This zip configuration vastly reduces that.

Softness. One for the tummy sleepers. The bottom of a zip is much lower profile than the top part (with the puller tab etc) so we think this is better sitting out of the way of the chest.

Potty Training / Toilet. This does depend a bit on the age and gender of the child and can be a matter of preference, but zipping upwards from the bottom can be helpful as it allows access to the bottom half without getting entirely undressed.

Note: If you really want yours with a 2-way zip, get in touch with our team at

Lol. Some little ones are so funny (in hindsight). It's less amusing when you are trying to get them to sleep and they strip and run down the hall though isn't it?

These sleeping bags are designed so they can be worn comfortably back to front. That should solve it ;)


Best Baby Sleeping Bag Platinum Loved by parents award 2023
Best Eco Childrens Clothing Junior Design Award Platinum
Organic Best Baby Sleeping Bag Award 2022
mumsnet best baby sleeping bag
smallish gold award
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100% Superfine Merino

Baby Sleepsuits & PJs

Add Merino underlayers to their Sleeping Bag for extra thermo-regulation and improved sleep quality

Shop Merino Pyjamas


Superfine Merino


Superfine Merino is a technical superfibre - packed with unparelled natural attributes.

• Superwarm 240gsm
Double knitted for extra softness, loft and insulation

• Thermoregulating + Insulating in the cold and cooling in the heat

• Cloud soft - Superfine Merino has a fibre diameter of 17.6-18.5 microns making
it perfect for baby skin + soothing on eczema

• Moisture wicking and warm when wet – Merino can absorb 60% of it’s own weight in water without feeling damp

Organic Cotton


Pure and oh-so soft, organic cotton is grown with care not chemicals.

Growing organically protects the environment and the well-being of the farmers who pick cotton by hand. And ensures the final fabric is clean and safe for your little one.

Compared to conventional cotton, Organic Cotton is better for soil health and ensures water is managed in a more sustainable way.

It also avoids the greenhouse gas emissions & polluting outcomes associated with pesticide production.