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Seconds, Samples and End of Line Explained

About Seconds
Most factory seconds have very little actually 'wrong' with them, faults are cosmetic things only, we don't sell anything that is unsafe or unfit for purpose. For example: 

  • Small fabric flaws or ladders
  • Imperfect stitching (will be secure - but may not be cosmetically perfect)
  • A mark or misprint 
  • A label not quite straight 
  • Poppers not perfectly aligned

It's luck of the draw here, so buyer discretion is needed, some faults might be a little more noticeable, whereas others you wouldn't notice unless we pointed them out. 

About Samples 
These can be photoshoot samples (so may have been briefly worn) or design samples which means minor elements of the design might not be exactly the same as the final launched version (but the garment will still be fundamentally the same thing). 

About End-of-line
Older styles or discontinued products are usually without any sort of flaw. We've just changed something on the design and now need to clear out any older stock.  

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