Size Chart for Sleeping Bags

Baby Sleeping Bag

Style Size / Age Minimum Weight To Fit Height
StyleBaby Sleeping Bag SizeNewborn - 2 Years Minimum Weight3.6kg (8lbs) To Fit Height52 - 91cm

Toddler Sleeping Bags - With Feet

Style Size Age (approx) To Fit Height
StyleToddler Sleeping Bag with Feet SizeSmall Age (approx)9 Months to 2.5 Years To Fit Height76 - 95cm
StyleToddler Sleeping Bag SizeLarge Age (approx)2 - 5 Years To Fit Height92 - 110cm



The inseam of the Toddler sleeping bags with feet feature 3 size settings, so you can customise the fit for your little one as they grow. If your little one likes to pull their feet fully inside the bag to sleep - unpop the settings fully.

Ages given are approximate guidelines - Going by height is the best method of sizing


Toddler Sleeping Bag

Style Size Age (approx) To Fit Height
Toddler Sleeping Bag One Size 2 - 4 Years 92 - 104cm