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Merino Baby Legging


These supersoft and luxurious pure superfine merino baby leggings are made in Britain from our signature SuperwoolⓇ. Soft beyond compare, double knitted to keep your little one cosy through the coldest winter, yet lightweight and breathable so they can be worn all year round, day and night. Superlove merino baby leggings feature a clever convertible cuff so they adapt to suit both play-time and sleep-time, warmer days or cooler. Relaxed-fit style with soft extra-wide elastic. Cut to fit all shapes and sizes and work over any style of nappy. These versatile leggings are equally ideal worn alone, as a merino base layer or as super snuggly (and sleep-enhancing!) pyjamas.

Key Features

  • Unique built-in foot covers - let little toes wriggle free during play, then just fold over to create a warm & comfy alternative to socks at bedtime
  • Extra-long cuffs can be folded up or down to customize length
  • Superwarm 240gsm Merino - substantial warmth yet complete freedom of movement
  • Draws moisture away from skin for true comfort and warmth, even when wet
  • The natural elasticity of merino gives extra room to grow and makes dressing easy
  • Designed to fit all kinds of nappy.
  • Soft fit waistband for perfect comfort around sensitive tummies
  • Designed and made with love in Britain to the highest quality standards
  • Plastic-free home compostable eco-packaging

  • Care & Maintenance

  • Machine washable at 30°C 
  • Reshape whilst damp then air dry (or tumble on low)
  • Use regular Non-Bio liquids 
  • Do not use fabric softener as this clogs the merino fibres
  • Quick-drying
  • Naturally antimicrobial - Merino does not need washing often unless heavily soiled
  • For a full care guide and advice on treating stains click here

  • Fit Notes

  • Relaxed 'lounge' fit
  • Colour: Soft Red
    Pure Ivory
    Vintage Rose
    Soft Red
    French Navy
    Cloud Grey
    Wild Green
    Thunder Grey
    Size: 3 - 6 Months

    Superwool™. Naturally Technical + Cloud Soft

    Superlove Merino is mother nature's true superfibre - packed with unparelled natural attributes. Our Merino Is...

    Superwarm 240gsm - Merino designed for the Northern Hemisphere and double knitted for extra softness, loft and insulation

    Thermoregulating & breathable. Insulating in the cold and cooling in the heat

    Cloud soft - Superfine Merino has a fibre diameter of 17.6-18.5 microns making it perfect for 'next to skin' wear. It is luxuriously soft and itch free yet balanced with durability

    Moisture wicking and warm when wet – Merino can absorb a huge 60% of it’s own weight in water without feeling damp

    Soothing for ezcema and sensitive skins, read the studies here

    • Naturally antimicrobial and between UPF 30 and 50+

    Easy Care + Washable Wool

    Superlove 100% Merino is naturally antimicrobial, repels dust, resists stains and never smells - so just airing it out is often all it needs. When it is really dirty, Superlove Merino is fully machine washable + dries super quick (or tumble on low).

    Ethical Wool

    Wool is a naturally sustainable fibre that, unlike most plant based 'eco' fibres needs minimal processing to turn it into the supersoft garments for your little ones. We source our 100% Traceable wool from ZQ certified regenerative farms in New Zealand. Sheep are naturally free range, never mulesed and experience the highest levels of animal welfare in the world. Find out more about ethical wool or about our solar powered factory in the English Lakes, our Zero waste project, eco packaging and sharing initiatives here

    Play All Day

    Merino naturally regulates body temperature in balance with the seasons and is super versatile. By day, base-layer it under outerwear in the winter for breathable warmth without the bulk, leaving them free to move and play. Merino gives true next-to-skin cosy comfort that keeps them warm even if they get wet. In summer worn alone it keeps little ones cool & dry and offers natural UPF 50 protection

    Sleep All Night

    The magic of Merino is found in its remarkable and unparalelled ability to regulate and balance out body temperature - putting an end to the worries of overheating on the highs or chilly 3am lows.

    Even more magical, studies show that little ones sleeping in Merino spend far longer in the deepest phase of sleep, where growth and development occurs. In Merino, you'll notice your little one settles more quickly, sleeps more deeply and for longer.


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