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The Best Merino Brands for Dad

Need a last minute gift for the 'hard to buy for' Dad? Men get very excited about Merino Wool thanks to its breathable comfort and superior technical attributes - and the fact they can wear it for days with no stink doesn't hurt either! Go luxe & high performance with Merino socks and jocks (so much better) or opt for a t-shirt, hoody or base layer. He'll love you for it! 

We like to think we know a thing or two about really good Merino and we've tried them all - so here is our pick of the BEST (and most ethical) Merino brands for Dad!

Armadillo Merino

An innovative UK Brand worn by men who take risks for a living (think soldiers or fire fighters and you're on the right track). These garments harness the naturally protective attributes of the wool, whilst building in details that optimise comfort, fit and wearbility. The quality of the Merino fabrics used and garment construction is very high to the point of protecting in a way that body armour does, whilst the attention to detail in the garment design gives optimal comfor. No detail has been missed and these are amazing products to wear in any situation. ZQ accreditation assures buyers of ethical wool sourcing
Best for: Extreme Dads who want maximum comfort from their performance gear


Everything about this British brand is seriously cool. Based out of Cornwall, Finisterre was originally developed to meet the environmental challenges of cold water surfing. Merino is the obvious choice of fabric for such an extreme endeavour and this brand use it well across several styles that perfectly combine laid back surfing style, quality fabrics and very high performance. Finisterre gear is a permanent feature on my hubby's wishlist (and my own since they do amazing gear for women too). As a side note, its also exciting to see this brand pioneering UK farmed Merino Wool!
Best for: Cool AND Adventuring Dads who want clothing that looks as good as it performs.


Another very innovative US Brand with a real focus on sports wear, the merino used is very high quality. Smartwool make amazing warm weight base layers that are a must own in the UK winter and the socks are a true cult classic amongst outdoorsy types! Extra points for using Merino Wool that is ZQ accredited. 
Best For:  Dads who are into sports (of any kind) will love the choice in this range.


The original Merino brand from New Zealand, Icebreaker started it all and continue to lead the way with a vast and highly innovative range. 
Best for: Active, adventurous Dads who value high quality & innovative design.

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