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Go Play Outside - The Best of June

Spending time outdoors offers so many benefits for little ones - even (if not especially) right from birth. You may have noted a look of fascination on your baby's face as they stare at leaves rustling in the breeze, seen the sheer glee of 'toddler meets puddle' or the intensity of a stick den building project involving older children. No matter how young, the enjoyment, and sense of wonder generated through little ones engaging with their environment is priceless. 
Here is what a little time spent in nature each day does for kids:
- Promotes confidence and a sense of well being. 
- Gives exposure to rich experiences that are unique to the outdoors - such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons. 
- Builds an understanding of (and respect for) nature and the relationship between, humans, animals & plants.
- Develops problem-solving skills and confidence.
- Nurtures creativity, imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness.
- Improves sleep (for everyone!).
  The quintessential smell & taste of the British summer, Elderflower are in full bloom in the hedgerows right now! Take your little ones on a picking mission - then make something lovely with the spoils. Old favourites (for very good reason) are elderflower champagne (Hic!), cordial & fritters which are especially fun to make with kids. Foraging for Elderflowers is great fun for all ages and even babies in carriers will love getting involved! 
Baby ducklings are bigger and braver by June, so a trip to the park or pond means good chances for your cuties to get up close with these ones, offering a great oppertunity for little children to learn about nurturing and respect for nature. Mummy ducks that are used to populated areas should tolerate the action especially if something yummy is on offer - speaking of which, the old favourite of bread and/or chips isn't recommended by the RSPB. Opt for oats, green veges, peas or specially formulated duck food istead
Wildflowers are everywhere in June and are a wonderful way to get little ones right into the midst of nature, it is also a good chance to let them indulge in a little bit of sanctioned picking in the name of being a budding scientist (not to be repeated later in nana's garden!). Download this printable identification sheet and see how many you can spot. We like pressing our finds then making them into pretty cards  - abeit they are mainly cards that say "sorry Nana for picking in your garden"


Flying kites is so much fun (not just for kids as a recent windy day saw everyone from miss 2.5 to grandad having a go and getting literally carried away). Kites are easy, cheap and fun to make and give kids a chance to get directly involved with the weather. If your kids are very small then the simpler the kite design, the better, here is an easy kite design to make.

Pack a net & bucket then head to a pond, river or lake near you. We've yet to encoutner a kid who doesn't love fishing for tiddlers - from very young toddlers (for whom catching nothing doesn't spoil the fun) through to older kids, hours can be spent on the hunt for wiley tiddlers. A top tip is to put a little bit of protein food in the water to lure them in (hardboiled egg, cheese etc). Just be sure to fish any left overs back out at the end of the day. In the event of success, a bucket will come in handy to get a good look at the catch before letting them go again! With very young children, it's best to have a net for each child, just for your own sanity :) 
Look out for a clearish day with lots of those fluffy clouds that look gentle and lovely but really are anything but - then plop yourselves down in the garden or at the park and see what you can spot - when it comes to the burgeouning imaginations of a toddler or preschooler, the sky literally is the limit. On our afternoon in the park we saw a grumpy dinosaur, a bum(!!), a chicken called tinkerbell and a horse!  
Imagine bubbles, universally loved by babies, toddlers and kids - except these ones are the size of a car! This is a seriously fun outdoor activity that will completely thrill little ones. Making your own mixture and wand is pretty straightforward, or you can buy your kit here instead.
On a trip to the beach see what natural treasures can be found on the sand or amongst the rocks, little ones will love hunting for shells, seaweeds, pebbles and grasses. We did this recently and collected all sort of things to make into a seascape mural that is fantasticical, if a little stinky.

Merino Wool - Keep your Baby Comfortable in Summer

The Merino sheep is an ancient breed. And without a doubt one of the most resilient. 
Superlove Merino spend all year happily and naturally withstanding conditions the rest of us would only call extreme. High up on New Zealand's Southern Alps where temperatures range from 35°C in summer to -15°C in winter. Merino are very different to the sheep you might see grazing the lowland farms, Merino sheep naturally stay warm in the winter whilst also remaining comfortably cool throughout the hot summers. This is thanks to their fine soft fleece of a wool which is nothing short of amazing. 
Merino wool is unlike any other fabric on earth and is highly prized in fashion, baby wear and elite sportswear for very good reason. Exceptionally soft, lightweight and breathable, merino wool is the perfect way to keep baby comfortable in summer, as it regulates body temperature naturally to help little ones strike the balance in changeable weather or on summer evenings when temperatures can fluctuate. 

Merino wool is also easy to wash (machine and tumble dry), quick drying, naturally antibacterial and has a (natural) UPF of 30-50+. All of these unique properties make it is a perfect fabric for little ones (who of course) can’t tell you whether they are too hot or too cold! A Superlove Merino baby gift set or Sleep Bag makes a truly wonderful gift for a newborn baby.

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