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The Ultimate Guide to Layering Clothing in Winter for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Elite Athletes do it, Arctic Adventurers do it and since they can lose heat up to 4 times faster than either, your little ones should too. We're talking about Layering! Specifically, layering on several thinner garments instead of one or two thicker ones is a far better way to insulate and ensure little ones stay happy and comfortable outdoors in the winter. Getting layering right starts with the base layer, and when that layer is made of 240gsm superfine merino it is the very best for your little one (nature never gets it wrong as we can see from the merino sheep who hang out pretty happily on the southern alps of NZ at -15°C in the winters). Check out our ultimate guide to layering for your kids so they can play in safety and comfort whether it's summer or it is snowing and freezing weather outside.


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