Welcome to our 'Samples, Seconds & End-of-Line Room'

We have our own factory in the English Lake District, staffed by the most awesome sewists - these lads and ladies seldom get it wrong. But we are only human so from time to time there are factory seconds (oops!) and sometimes there are samples and end of line items available at reduced prices too. 

Many brands destroy items like this. However, as a zero-waste brand that just doesn't sit well with us.

Instead, we want to make them available to you to purchase for a fraction of the RRP.

Many of our factory seconds have very little actually 'wrong' with them, perhaps a small fabric flaw, a bit of imperfect stitching, a mark or some other minor cosmetic issue that means they haven't got past our super strict quality control team,  but they are still made with the same amazing merino we are known for and we think still very much worth having. It's luck of the draw here, so buyer discretion is needed , some faults might be a little more noticeable (like a small hole or fabric flaw) others not so much all (like a wonky seam tag or a labelling issue). Nothing is ever offered as a second if it is unsafe or unfit for purpose of course. 

End-of-line discontinued products and samples are usually perfect and without any sort of flaw - we've just changed the design and now need to clear out any older stock.  

We've promised our sheep we won't waste any of their magical wool and who doesn't love a bargain? So it's win/win in here! 

Because these are samples, seconds or end of lines, returns are not accepted and we ask that you please do not on-sell them as first quality items on eBay etc. That may really hurt our brand. 

Garments will come with a tag that tells you what has made it a second or a sample or if it is just an end-of-line item

Please note: Unfortunately we can't offer free shipping on seconds, so shipping costs will apply even if the total order is over our usual free shipping threshold

Seconds stock gets updated all the time, so bookmark this link and check back regularly. 

With Superlove xx
Suse & Becky

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