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The older sibling to our multi award-winning Merino Baby Sleeping Bags, these natural and luxurious Merino Toddler Sleeping Bags with feet are designed to follow the changing needs of your little one as they learn to stand, toddle, walk and run. The evolutive design makes for an ideal transition from a traditional sleeping bag style and features 3 adjustable height settings for the perfect fit as they grow, or release fully to allow room for feet to come up inside the bag at night if desired. When not actually sleeping, toddlers love to be on the move, so the addition of foot holes and shaped leg area allow them that balance between cosy bedtime comfort and precious freedom of movement, ensuring they are safe and warm no matter what they are doing. Choose from 2 super long-lasting sizes

Superlove Merino All Season sleeping bags can be worn year-round without the need for different tog value bags or the use of fillers or padding. Ideal for use in nursery temperatures ranging from 16 to 27°C. Or for those wanting an option for those extra chilly nights, choose the Winter Weight option - the warmest merino sleeping bag in the world and suitable for 12 to 21°C .

Key Features

  • Superfine Merino lining regulates body temperature and naturally draws any moisture away from the skin for perfect comfort all night
  • Foldable extra long merino ankle cuffs help adjust the length for smaller children, whilst also extending fit and lifetime of the bag
  • Clever adjustable 3 point popper setting inside the bag gives you control over the fit and when fully released allows feet to come up inside the bag at night if desired
  • YKK Eco Recycled Zip - Each Zip = 1 plastic bottle
  • Kind to sensitive skin and soothing on eczema
  • Designed and handmade in Britain to the very highest quality standards
  • EUIPO Registered Design Patent
  • ZQ, GOTS Organic & Bluesign system certified - your guarantee that Superlove products are the purest and best quality, produced ethically in clean process eco-responsible manufacturing environments, with the highest animal welfare standards and free of chemical nasties

  • Care & Maintenance

  • Machine washable at 30°C 
  • Use regular Non-Bio liquids 
  • Close zipper before putting in the machine
  • Do not use fabric softener as this clogs the merino fibres (good Merino doesn't need it anyway)
  • Quick drying
  • Naturally stain resistant and antimicrobial - merino does not need washing often, just unzip and air regularly
  • For a full care guide and advice on treating stains click here

  • Temperature & Layering

    Merino is unlike any other fabric, natural or synthetic. This special wool is a powerful natural thermo-regulator for the body, warming and holding heat in when the ambient conditions in the room are cold, then doing the exact reverse to cool the body down if excess heat is present. For layering underneath, please choose natural breathable fibres - Merino PJs are well worth considering, especially if your nursery dips below 18°C regularly. 

    Choose from two different weights to best fit your environment

  • ALL SEASON (0.7 - 2.4 Tog equivalent). Versatile and great value, this weight features 2 layers (240gsm Superfine Merino lining and GOTS Organic Cotton outer) - Best for use in nursery temperatures ranging from 17 to 27°C.
  • WINTER WEIGHT (2.5 - 3.5 Tog equivalent). Extra cosy for colder climates - these the highest merino content available on the market. Featuring 4 layers (440GSM Merino lining, Bamboo inner and GOTS Organic Cotton Outer) - Best for use in nursery temperatures ranging from 12 to 21°C

  • See our Temperature & Tog Guide for a detailed guide on what to layer with your Superlove Sleeping Bag


    Merino & Sleep

    What does it mean when we say Merino improves sleep quality?

    It sounds a bold claim but it really is true. Merino wool has a hidden magic that makes it different to any other fibre on earth. Superfine Merino has a superior ability to breathe and naturally regulates both moisture and temperature, trapping thousands of tiny air bubbles in and creating a cosy micro-climate around your little one and to keep them comfortable and feeling 'just right' all night.

    The ability to detect when heat is building up 'too much' is unique to Superfine Merino. When the temperature changes in the environment, a subtle but very powerful natural process occurs within the fibres of the wool (the wool geeks will want to know that this is called 'heat of sorption and/or desorption depending on which way the heat is flowing'). Heat is actively conserved or released depending on the conditions. Mother nature we love you.

    It is thanks to these incredible natural attributes, that studies show sleep patterns improve when sleeping in Merino. Babies who sleep in merino have been found to settle more quickly, sleep more deeply, spending longer in the deep restorative phase of sleep where growth and development occurs and overall spent longer asleep. 

    Read more about the latest research on Merino wool and sleep here

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