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Baby Sleeping Bag

Style Size Minimum Weight To Fit Height
StyleBaby Sleeping Bag SizeNewborn - 2 Years Minimum Weight3.6kg (8lbs) To Fit Height52 - 91cm

Toddler Sleeping Bag

Style Size Age (approx) To Fit Height
StyleToddler Sleeping Bag SizeSmall Age (approx)9 Months to 2.5 Years To Fit Height76 - 95cm
StyleToddler Sleeping Bag SizeLarge Age (approx)2 - 5 Years To Fit Height92 - 110cm


The inseam of the sleeping bag features 3 size settings, so you can customise the fit for your little one as they grow. If your little one likes to pull their feet fully inside the bag to sleep - unpop the settings fully.

Ages given are approximate guidelines - Going by height is the best method of sizing

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  • The multi award winning Superlove All Season Pure Merino Baby Sleeping Bag features 480gsm of 100% superfine merino wool. Designed to be cosy on those winter nights, yet breathable and cool in the summer, releasing excess heat for a safe and comfortable sleep. Merino wool naturally and powerfully balances body temperature and moisture levels in line with ambient conditions and is proven to improve sleep quality (and quantity!). The Superlove signature double-knit merino is plush, highly substantial and soft as a cloud, ideal for sensitive and eczema prone skins. Superlove merino sleeping bags harness the power of pure merino to work year round in all seasons, so there is less need for lots of different tog bags or the use of fillers or padding!

    See the Temperature Guide for a guide to choosing the right sleeping bag for your little one and layering for year round comfort.

    • The double layer of 100% Superfine Merino creates a cosy breathable micro-climate.
    • Is equivalent to Tog range of 0.7 - 2.5 and most ideal for use between 16 - 27°C
    • Naturally wicks any dampness away from skin for all night comfort
    • 94cm length with adjustable snaps under the arms for newborns, gives a beautiful fit from birth to 2 years+
    • Integral Travel slots for use in carseats and prams
    • Full length zip and shoulder poppers on both sides for ease of dressing, night time nappy changes and opening flat for airing.
    • Merino is naturally antibacterial, simply air between uses to refresh.
    • Machine wash as needed and can be tumble dried. 
    • All Superlove products use only the highest quality YKK zips and snaps.
    • Designed and made to the highest quality standards in Great Britain
    • Conforms to the British & European Safety Standard (BS EN 16781:2018)
    • ZQ & Bluesign certified - Your guarantee that Superlove products are the best quality and produced ethically, with the highest animal welfare standards and that our products are free of chemical nasties and made in eco-responsible manufacturing environments.
  • Merino wool has a superior ability to breathe and naturally regulates both moisture and temperature, creating a cosy micro-climate around your little one and keeping them super snug and comfortable all night, yet without risk of overheating. It is thanks to the incredible natural attributes of merino wool that studies show baby's sleep patterns improve. Babies who sleep in merino have been found to settle more quickly, sleep more deeply and for longer. 

    Read more about the latest research on Merino wool and sleep here

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